Big Tower Tiny Square
Big Tower Tiny Square
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  • Android IOS
  • 10/18/2022
  • 88 Mb

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Big Tower Tiny Square

Big Tower Tiny Square is a fun web game inspired by the single-screen arcade game of the same name. It is a skill and high-precision game as you navigate a maze-like tower to save your favorite pineapple.

This 2D game was developed by EvilObjective and released in November 2016. In this game, you are the small square required to successfully jump over lava pits, dodge bullets, and unlock checkpoints as you go. However, these tasks are not as easy as it sounds. Big Tower Tiny square was created to push you over the edge and test your reflexes and precision as you experience countless inevitable deaths before reaching your final destination.

You can play Big Tower Toby Square free on any mobile or P.C. web browser.

How to play Big Tower Tiny Square?

If you are a fan of highly challenging games, you would love this 2D web game. The game story behind by telling you that a big square stole your pineapple and hid it at the top of the tower. You have to save your favorite fruit by navigating through the treacherous maze of a tower. However, you may have to die repeatedly before reaching the tower's top.

Big tower tiny square is a continuous-level game with many subsections that get more complex as you go. It also features a catchy soundtrack that matches the thrilling nature of the game.

When playing on a P.C., you can navigate the small square using the arrow keys or the A and D keys. To jump, hit the up arrow key or space bar. Restart by clicking on Y.

For mobile players, move left or right with the two red buttons at the left button corner of your screen. Jump using the blue button at the right corner of your screen.

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