City Rider
City Rider
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  • Android IOS
  • 10/19/2022
  • 88 Mb

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City Rider

City Rider is a fun 3D adventure game that lets you experience a time of your life as you race through beautiful cities and landscapes. This game was developed by Deekey on March 2014 and has become a favorite amongst lovers of fast-paced video games.

If you are looking for a high-octane game that gives you a quick adrenaline rush, you will love all the features of City Rider. You can enjoy this game in different modes, from drifting to racing and driving simulator mode, depending on your skill level.

City Rider is also a one-player game that has been described as an open-world game due to the beautiful 3D locations in which the race is set. You can ride through an urban area's gorgeous landscape or the desert's beautiful Sandy tracks.

You can start playing city rider for free on your P.C. web browser.

How to Play City Rider Online?

City Rider is all about unleashing your adventurous side as your race through some of the most beautiful locations in the world. To get started, you'd have to choose a vehicle, and it can be nothing from a McLaren Sports car to a pickup truck, whatever works for you. The next step is to start driving.

Don't forget that City Rider is a game of skill. Show off your crazy driving skill as you drift at the right spots and accelerate when necessary.

Below are some tips to help you with the City Rider game when playing in your P.C.:

  • Navigate your car using the arrow keys
  • Change your vehicle with keys 1 and 2
  • Change the view using Key C
  • Use nitro by clicking on F
  • Apply the handbrake with the space bar
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