Drift Boss
Drift Boss
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  • Android IOS
  • 10/10/2022
  • 88 Mb

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Drift Boss

Drift Boss is a timed car race that requires your focus and dedication while driving through a long distance without skidding off the road. Test your driving skills by successful maneuver your car around the sharp bends and turns.

It was created by MarketJs and made available online on November 29, 2019. Play this exciting adventure driving game on our website with your PC or mobile device.

How to Play Drift Boss?

This game is distinct from other driving games, and it features a very nice and perfect user interface. You must navigate through the bends quickly and turn very fast with quick reflex and focus; you must drift at the exact time to avoid skidding off the lane.

As the game progresses, you collect coins and purchase special upgrades to help you navigate better in the game.

Drift Boss offers daily rewards, boosters, and new tricks that you unlock as you further in the game. You should look out for some of these exciting boosters;

Double score booster: it doubles your scores at the time you activate it and costs only 25 coins.

Car insurance: To remove damage to your car, you activate this boaster. It will cost you 50 coins.

Coin Rush:  You get more booster than usual on the road when you activate it, and it only costs 75 coins.

Use your mouse/ space button for movement if you're using your PC. Mobile device users will have to swipe in whichever direction they want.

Also, look out for the daily reward and spin-to-win pop-up to win some other amazing prizes.

Test your drifting skills by clicking play to get started!

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