Fleeing the Complex
Fleeing the Complex
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  • Android IOS
  • 10/18/2022
  • 88 Mb

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Fleeing the Complex

Fleeing the Complex is an adventurous game where you are locked up in a small cell and must get out of jail for good! A sure death awaits you if you take the wrong step.

However, you may rely on the surroundings and the company of old and new friends to aid you along the path. Not every path you take will end poorly, but some are doomed to "fail" from the get-go.

It is a multiplayer game that can help you become a better decision-maker because making smart choices is essential to your survival.

You can only play the online version of Fleeing the Complex on your web browser or download it from Google play.

How to Play the Fleeing the Complex Game?

The setting of Fleeing the Complex is a snowy environment. If you have never played Feeling the Complex, all it requires is for you to interact with objects you can utilize to make choices for Henry Stickmin by clicking the mouse's left button.

You should note the following to be able to make quick and smart decisions while playing the game.

  • The choice you make affects your next move.
  • You can proceed if you make the right choice, but death awaits you if you make the wrong decision.
  • Avoid obstacles, especially the armed guards.

You can't determine if the object you selected will save you your life or cause your death. Choose carefully.

Are you ready to embark on the Fleeing The Complex adventure? Hit play to get started!

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