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  • 10/19/2022
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If you are a fan of thrilling and nerve-wracking games, you’d love the complex nature of the puzzle game Green. It was developed by Bart Bonte, an independent game developer known for making some of the coolest puzzle games on the web.

Green is unlike any puzzle game out there. It comprises 50 different puzzles, each specially crafted to give you a mind-boggling experience. Your goal is to solve all the puzzles by thinking outside the box. You cannot move to the next level until you solve a puzzle.

The Green puzzle game is called green because you must turn the whole screen to this color as you play. It is available as a downloadable mobile app and an HTML5 version that can play with a PC for free on our website.

How To Play Green Online?

The Green puzzle game is distinct for its unpredictable nature. The only constant factor is the color green. Each of the 50 puzzles will require a different approach to tackle them. You’d have to think outside of the box to be able to solve each puzzle. 

There are also about 25 levels of complexity in this game, and it will require your crazy puzzle skill to navigate through them all. If you get stuck at any level, use the hint as a light bulb to get pointers on what to do. The more you click on the lightbulb, the more obvious the hint.

To move the puzzles, use the left button of your mouse.

Are you ready to show off your incredible puzzle-solving skills? Hit play to get started!

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