There Is No Game
There Is No Game
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  • Android IOS
  • 10/19/2022
  • 88 Mb

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There Is No Game

There is no Game that is a game. It is a hilarious and tricky puzzle game created by Kamizotoo. It won the 'deception' category in the 2015 Newgrounds Construct Jam for its 10-15 minutes title display.

This puzzle game is distinct for its relaxing yet nerve-wracking feature as you contemplate whether to believe the narrator or not. However, the whole game is sarcastic; hence you'd better do the opposite of what the narrator says.

You can enjoy this one-player game for free on our website using any mobile and P.C. web browser. 

How To Play There Is No Game?

No Game is an adventurous non-game distinct for leaving its players at the edge of their seats, wanting to see how it ends. It is a game of skill, endurance, and critical thinking.

It begins with the introductory credits, title, and a tricky yet hilarious message from the narrator. You'd have to disobey the narrator's instructions and interact with the text and objects on the screens to move to the next level.

After successfully doing this, you are introduced to the fun puzzles world. Each puzzle in this non-game comes with an exciting backstory that leaves you wanting to know more. Use the stories to solve this puzzle and move to the next stage. The narrator is also there to help you throughout the game.

Got what it takes to take on this tricky non-game? Hit play to get started!

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